"Avatars & universe" T101
With its ghosts, lies, dreams, wind, rain and storms, between soul-searching and signs of human crimes. Bloody comets run the heavens, ghosts wandering through the streets of cities while the moon eclipse, dreams fearful torture humanity.This show haunted by the painful ghosts of his existence.


  Ghosts / They have their own houses, jobs, lives, and yet his ghost still haunts them. Often, the ghost
image is of better quality than the actual impression and this image can be compared with
the "ghost" image of the soul.
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  OZ "nightmare" / T101 demonstrates with relevance an understanding of light in big spaces with
clear reference to Piranesian light and the Pantheon. "Titans clashed with each others in cities,
where men were taking shelter in ruined buildings",Beyond the ruins of the war left by the
destructive event, what remains? Piranesi's Prisons: Architecture of Mystery and Imagination.
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  He showed the celestial routes to those lost souls, one of the good things in this life is that
Dante's is not the only comedy;and that hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in
times of great moral crisis maintain their neutrality.That it was on the roads to Santiago that
an awareness of T101 had first emerged.
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  Move objects and manipulate the position of the light source to cast new shadows and create
pathways for the shadow boy to negotiate.This shadow boy will seek the answers to the
questions that others would not ask, to take back what was his.
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  Auto-psy / But a human being is more than a function, and psychology and sociology cannot
grasp the full scope of what it means to be human. We must demonstrate empathy and have
some knowledge of freefight and Kravmaga.
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  Zones of control are a very common concept in wargaming, almost axiomatic.
We understand that many of you prefer an "Beat them all"or a" deathmatch" or
"10.000 frags"approach to wargaming, as opposed to say a "Peace in the world" view.
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  He was afraid and felt anguish in his own flesh in the face of His imminent death.
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