Art in situ, Subject to registration or classified as dangerous
(Art. 1 of Directive 67/548/EEC) and pushed out on the Art market.

  A large surface painted by T101 has this particularity of being nothing
more and nothing less than the "Mental-backdrop" he offers to the plays of your
oblivious. Evidently, it is extremely different from the codified space of the pictures
daily poured on us by advertisement and TV.
Spain (Cuenca, Fundacion A.Perez, Iglesia de San Miguel) 2011
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  To the contrary, art in situ could be the art of the possible.Halfway between
urban art and conceptual art, T101's life as an artist began in the street, as
he searched for abandoned places where he could leave his mark.
Do you think the goals and objectives of the program were met? (Vienna 2012)
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  Rosa Parks will forever remain an inspiration in our struggle to achieve
peace, equality and freedom. In the words of the Kingston Trio,
"When Rosa Parks sat down, the whole world stood up. Berlin 2010.
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