Simply put, T101 enables individuals to take advantage of a digitized world through the internet.
To address rapid and dramatic changes in the industry brought about by its shift to a new, digital paradigm, a complete
analysis of skills shortages and training gaps is required to créate.

  Some countries have recognized that imprisonment is not the most effective way
of addressing some crime.Without reality there could be neither crime or punishment?
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  Freely inspired by feng shui "wind on water," millennial T101's art
blend technology and poesy.The network that connects T101 with
Asiatic's "avant-garde" art is big and intimate , from his past.
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  This is not something that we can talk about in the abstract.
However T101 does not live in an abstract and theoretical world.
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  We had to ask ourselves an uncomfortable question: how effective are
our voices of moderation and reconciliation when it comes to countering
the narratives of hatred and mistrust? "Excommunication,The life of Mr8"
(a book subsequently published by "Ultima 2R" in 1992)
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  Beyond the ruins left by the destructive event, what remains? Piranese?
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The variegated sky and shadow-play undermine realistic space,
infusing the image with a menacing ambiguity.
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  What will it cost when two wild hamsters are removed when an industrial
park is built; who can pay for that?This art production is used for industrial
applications which will certainly develop in the future?. "Hamsters LOL"?
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  The name itself should be enough for most of you to recognise
this granddaddy of arcade games.
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  T101 put to place a system of determined exclusion for those players.
Video games simulate virtual reality, notably with surprisingly realistic
peace scenes.
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  These beings', said T101, 'have sunk the deepest and will only see the depth
of their own dark and terrible life on this side, which will be nothing more than
misery for them.
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