"If Greco or Rembrandt meant my self-portrait?"by T101.
Our work sets out to convey the heady and troubling nature of the author's
self-portrait in the ideal figure of "An unknow"
as he recounts his life and the ambiguity of his own relationship with other people through art.

Memetics can be understood in relation to the evolution of ideas and belief systems.

Apollon par Dionysos / Apollo by dionysos. Apollo's temple in Delphi bore the inscription: nothing in excess.
In sum, the Apollo-Dionysus duality that alone can sum up the T101 persona.
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Notre père qui est spirituel.../ Our Father has given us a part of himself to be with us and eventually a literal part of us for eternity.
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La peur..qui vous paralyse / It is imperative to break the logic of violence, force and fear.
Human, maybe all too human.
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Mon El Greco, qui êtes aux cieux..../Adveniat regnum tuum
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
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Hokusai was classical/baroque..
This draw is very famous in japan. Its name is "the life of T101, from future who never come" drawed by Hokusai.
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Pierre, Cedric, Nacer, Homar, Jean-Paul and others.../
A tramp wearing a barrel, He was a very solitary man, he saw himself
as a kind of exceptional beggar, a kind of angel.
The sun doesn't go up and down
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The "régicide", «guillotined»And how we knit that information together is a very complicated process/
.It is in this context that legal regicide is to be considered, as a kind of censure,
that leads in some regions to the "suicide" of the sovereign.
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Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn./ Master of the technique of chiaroscuro, Rembrandt injected new life into the painting of his time, and my time.
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