Wo know Simon of Péréa?Péréanity is not always content to remain within the narrow limits of the spiritual sphere.
Michel-Ange, Le cul dans le marbre et le sexe sur l'oreille.
Michael Angelo said that he already saw in the unhewn block a statue which to duller eyes remained invisible until his chisel had removed the flakes of marble which concealed it.
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J.L.G., A.B.S., J.P.B., J.P.M. et L.H.O.O.Q., et autres acronymes./
Godard quotes a sentence he says he learnt by heart from Robert Bresson's Notes on
Cinematography: "Be sure you have exhausted all the possibilities of communicating
via immobility and silence.
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Ed Wood, comme un rêve qui n'existe qu'après la mort.
In the end, like Ed Wood in that he wasn't popular until after he died either.
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Pompiers et autres académies / Panel of experts or Art academy ( firefighter.)
"dictatorship of the institutional."
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Comic's Shop Clerks of America / Is it exaggerated to say that here cultural promotion
has failed - "Intent to communicate".
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Space NINE1/2 We like nothing better for the world to be hanging in balance
while the good guy has to run out and save the planet with two minutes to
spare while the planes are flying.
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