This investigation also includes photographic representation that offers alternatives to the painting tradition and allows for a new reading of life. Does it seem like an honest mistake?
Or the speech by a Jesuite missionary.
  Dolls are gone, T101 too.
I was not interested in making an erotic scene, but an intimate one.
Why do some scene take on erotic appeal?
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That is not a criticism or pollution's apology? but it's not the power of light, like an redeption?
Gun powder or Bengal lights?
Fantasy solutions are as detrimental as pollution itself...but no brain pollution was observed.

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  It was necessary for Jesus to show you the principles that you must follow
and from which you had departed.
But Jesus says: "Who the bloody hell cares about T101? "

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  Yet I had had to accept a religion, or they would have locked me up sooner or later.
Belief is always limiting and binding; faith is expanding and releasing.

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  But an avatar is no different from using any online persona, particularly in so-called "social worlds"... reserved for them and which guarantees their anonymity, as they are not required to provide any identification and can choose an avatar in place of their name.
Lance Gilliam Mac Pherson my friend.
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I tried to apply this principle to the work itself simply by using the Fibonacci sequence.
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