We can imagine virtual life, close to a contemporary art installation, very alive, real or not. Like a simulacrum ?
I gave myself the task of creating a universe where reality and fiction blend to create a new world.

Mymain artistic output is represented by reliquaries. "Ecce Momo"
Two thorns of T101's crown preserved in a "no-golden" reliquary.
"Red" eternal damnation of the soul, without the redemption through faith.

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  In a way, paranoia might be considered a practical method of self-protection - if it is not
possible to sort out the world any longer, it is safest to consider everything a threat...
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  In fact an financial imbalance will arise in the art market, with all the negative consequences that implies.
With regard to some more recent art invaders, the process of art colonization or art expansion
is still ongoing and the overall consequences of their advent have not yet been assessed.
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  In one example, human sperm is combined with a hamster ova to create a "Munster hum".
Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel going round and round and getting no where?
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  In order to get an 80% unimpeded view of the sky, you can have nothing
above an elevation of 18° from the horizon.Make a platform and a shelter
to put over the pit. Where is blind spot.
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An emblematic representative of Arte Fortuna Decorata, with this work T101 pursues
his commitment to the minus and the absence and shows the naked reality of
the art market.

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Walden was Thoreau's theatre, his art gallery, his classroom.
On the other side, was the concern for nature, sentimental and religious,
which gained impetus from the American version of the romantic movement,
be it in the form of Emerson's or Thoreau's transcendentalism, the American
artists painting the sublime, such as Thomas Cole, or the poetry of Walt Whitman.
T101 would rather reinforced concrete.

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  T101 takes you out to lunch to have undisturbed time to discuss peacefully with artist and art
critic and independent curator.
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  Indeed the Church can encourage all of them to live together "peacefully" and develop a
culture of reciprocity in the world. "Extra ecclesiam nulla salus" so often articulated by Christian leaders.
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The party is over but the legacy remains, the gift of Bacchus, could indeed be a miracle cure.

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  In case an autopsy was carried out, the results shall be included in the dossier. A standard autopsy
added several general findings but did not specify the cause of her optimism.
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  The dying Father lifted his eyes heavenward with an ineffable smile that would indicate seeing a vision.
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